Monday, December 4, 2017

Toy Deliveries to Youth and Family Services - 12-5-2017

We will deliver toys to Youth and Family Services on Tuesday Dec 5th.  Come to the Shop at the CFB at 8:15 am to load toys, then arrive at YFS on Plaza Drive by 8:45 am. We will pass out toys to kids at 9 am. Same attire as Saturday - Santa or Elf Hats.

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RCWA Delivers Toys

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Toy Line 2017

Samples of the toys made and delivered to kids for Christmas in 2017:

New Models for 2017:

toy-category number assembly -XX toy assembly  Total per Part No.
1004 -106   Racer 106 - small boat like racer 10
1004 -107   Family Racer 10
1006 -112A   Cartoon Truck 5
1006 -112B   Cartoon Truck without Shell 5
1006 -113   1942 Dodge Power Wagon 10
1006 -114   Farm Truck 10
1007 -109   Older VW Bug 5
1007 -110   Fiat (FIAT 500D) 5
1007 -114   Panel Truck 5
1007 -115   Little Boxy Car 10
1007 -116   Kid Car 5
1007 -117   MG VA1 5
1007 -118   MG-TC  5
1008 -104   VW Micro Mini Bus 5
1009 -103   Locomotive (AL OINES Design) 75
1016 -106   Mail Truck (Postal Carrier) 5
1016 -107   Jeep 15
1016 -108   Smart Car 15
1016 -109   Tater Car 10
1020 -106   Crayon Whale Toy 25
1020 -107   Delivery Van - simple 5
1020 -109   Maintenance Van 10

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Toy Packing and Distribution Day 12-2-2017

Toy Packing Day is Dec 2, 2017 .

Pickup at Rick's Shop.

Those with trucks and strong backs will meet at Rick’s shop at 8 am to “down-load” toys and bring them to the Club for Boys.

Toy Packing and Distribution at the Club for Boys.

Those not helping Rick will meet at the Club for Boys also at 8 am to set up for the Toy Packing Day.  Packing and distribution of toys will take place in the Kitchen at the Club for Boys.  Enter thru the Shop as usual.

Things to bring:  Energy, Tape Dispensers, Empty Boxes, Appetite (for sweets), Santa or Elf Hats.

Hope to see you there!


Toy Pickup from Rick's Shop / Attic

Toy Packing and Distribution


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Monday, November 27, 2017

Christmas Magic 2017

Figures just released listing the items traced in 2017 vs items actually built for 2017 show that once again, it was a Christmas Miracle!!!

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Wood Recovery 11-19-2017

We got a call from Mark at the tree lot this afternoon saying he had a pallet of some nice clean short 2x4s at the tree lot that he got with the tree delivery and were extras.  Could we use them?  I called Danny who jumped in the big blue truck and headed to town.  It was just like Mark said - a pallet full!  Thanks Mark for thinking of us!  Thanks Danny for picking it up and moving it to the barn!

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mini Toy Workshop at Rock's Shop 11-18-2017

A mini-toy workshop was held today at Rick's shop to do the final steps to complete the toy Tractors.  One hundred and two tractors were completed and packed and moved to inventory.  Due to the size of the shop, attendance was limited. 

Attending today:  Rick Weisbeck, Ken Moran, Jerry Hood, Danny Green, and Bob and Kathie Buchanan.

Ken Moran showed off his prototype toy Dachshund.  The group decided this is a toy that should be added to the list for 2018 toys.

Toys left to finish for the 2017:  none.

Toys packaged for Inventory today: 105                    Subtotal to date:    2,535


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