Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SHOP TOUR - July 28, 2012 at Black Hills School of Woodworking

The Shop Tour for July was a trip to the Black Hills School of Woodworking located in Belle Fourche on July 28, 2012.  The tour was hosted by owners John and Meg English.  A majority of the members attended and enjoyed the gallery, the shop, the lathe room, and the retail store.  Here are photos from the tour:

the end

July 14, 2012 Toy Making Workshop

The RCWA Toymakers met on Saturday morning July 14, 2012,  from 9 am til noon at the RCWA Shop at 910 Wood Avenue in Rapid City, SD.

Kathie put sealer on toys the day before to prepare for the workshop.

Lon Gose finished up several boxes of vehicles by drilling 7/32” axle holes. 
Kathie and Bel did final sanding on a large group of helicopters.

Darwin stuffed peg board (jigs) with axles in preparation for painting.

Rick Weisbeck demonstrated his slick new wheel spraying assistant.
Activities at the July 14th workshop were performed by six members who worked on drilling axle holes for wheeled vehicles, spraying sealer on wheels, painting axles, and second sanding on soon to be wheeled vehicles.  Many members took home boxes of wood to finish in their workshops/garages.  Members participating in this month’s workshop included Rick, Lon, Darwin, Bel, Kathie and Bob.

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