Saturday, May 26, 2018

Toy Workshop 5-26-2018 (TWS2018-08)

Toy Workshop 5-26-2018

Today was the warmest day in 2018 (90 degrees F) with no sign of moisture, so we put sanders and routers outside and got busy. 

Attendees (24):
Rick W, Ed,  Ken, Mary Jo, Paul, Julian, Bob and Kathie, Karl, Harley, Don, Gary, Lauree and Darwin, Mary and Danny, Patsy and Jerry, Jerry N, Grant, Brian, Bel, Richard, and Rollie

  • Drilling axle holes in Give-Away Vans (GAVs) for upcoming community events (Jerry, Al)
  • Routering and sanding edges of GAVs (Ken, Danny, Rollie, Brian, Don)
  • Routering edges of several toys (Ken)
  • Sanding Turtle Banks (Don)
  • Cutting toys to shape on scroll saws (Ed, Darwin)
  • Sanding fronts of cabins for tugboats (Al)
  • Hand sanding after sealer:  (Kathie, Mary Jo, Richard and Patsy)
  • Spray Wheels for our JIT Supply operation - completed at 8:30 am at Rick's Shop
  • Wheel installation on McQueen cars, Racers, Farm Pickups, dachshund pull toys, and miscellaneous toys recovered from ICU (Julian, Paul, Bel, Harley, and Karl)
Toymaking Status:

The Toy Program effort consists of 5 major phases:
Phase 1:  Tracing
Phase 2:  Cutting toys to shape
Phase 3:  Milling - routering, drilling, and machine sanding
Phase 4:  Finish - sealer coat - sanding - final spray coat - final sanding
Phase 5:  Wheel installations
We have completed Phase 1 for all traceable toys.  We have completed 85% of Phase 2, and all drilling required for Phase 3.  The remaining tasks for Phase 3-Milling for traceable toys are routering and sanding.  Our goal for this year for the Christmas toy program giving will be approximately 2,400 toys.  We currently have 225 toys in inventory.  We anticipate receiving requests for approximately 2,400 toys. 
Another part of our toymaking is making toys for giving to kids at Community events.  Our next community event is a fundraiser called the Kenadi Carnival to be held in Spearfish on June 23rd.  This past week, Mary Green cut over 300 blanks, drilled the windows and brought them to the workshop today.  A team of toymakers drilled axles, routered edges, and sanded the flat sides to prepare them for giving.  Some additional sanding will be needed to complete all the blanks.  Mary will be finishing them at home.

Today Don Roberts took home a couple boxes of turtle banks to sand the inside curves.  Jerry returned a box of heart boxes (two types) ready for sealing and finishing.  Ken returned a box of pickups cut to shape and ready for additional milling.

Kathie B sealed 4 boxes of toys totaling 125 toys - on May 16th in preparation for this workshop.  These toys were brought to the workshop needing sanding after sealing. Four boxes were sanded today and included all 150 airplane fuselages. 

Gary Graves returned several different toys that he recovered from ICU.  These toys were ready for to be sealed so were sent to the Buchanan's for this operation.

New Toy for 2018 - Dachshund push toy by Ken Maron featuring moving ears!

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Shop Tour PLUS - 5-23-2018

Multi-Faceted Shop Tour in Nemo on May 23rd from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm included:

  • Shop Tour - Jerry and Patsy Hood
  • Shop Tour - Jim's Toy Wagon Museum
  • Shop Tour - Boxelder Job Corp - Woodworking Shop, Paint Shop, Maintenance Shop and Welding Shop
  • Shop Tour - Nemo Volunteer Fire Department

 Attendees:  Ken and Carol Maron, John Wolf, Steve Larson, Paul Douglas, Bob and Kathie, Rollie Lynde, Danny and Mary Green, Harley Schmadeke, Al Oines, Lon Gose, Jerry Norsen, Patsy and Jerry Hood,                                                

Shop Tour - Jerry and Patsy Hood - Nemo, SD
 Hosted by Jerry and Patsy Hood

Shop Tour - Jim's Toy Wagon Museum

Shop Tour - Box Elder Job Corp - Woodworking Shop, Paint Shop, Maintenance Shop and Welding Shop

Welding Classroom

Paint Shop

Shop Tour - Nemo Volunteer Fire Department

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Community Event - Toy Giveaway at Walk for Wishes 5-19-2018

Community Event - Walk for Wishes at Main St Square in Rapid City, SD

The Rapid City Woodworkers Association supported the Knecht Home Center booth at The Walk for Wishes event on May 19, 2018 at Main St Square in Rapid City, SD - with setup starting at 8 am.  The event started at 8:30 and ended by noon.

Attendees (10):  Danny and Mary Green, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Paul Douglas, Darwin and Lauree Buus, Rick Weisbeck, Ed Pike, Karl Burke, Harley Schmadeke, and Frank Di Ceasare.

We brought blank unfinished wooden toy vans for kids to color with crayons.  When the kids were finished coloring, we installed wheels on each toy.  We brought blanks, wheels, axles, and glue, wheel presses, jigs and crayons.  Danny and Mary Green brought the 3-track racer for the kids to test out their cars after coloring.  This was a fun community event. 

It was a good turnout, despite cool and windy weather, but we got good responses from the kids; about 45 blank vans were colored by kids.  Thanks to Knechts for hosting the booth and inviting us to this event.

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