Saturday, March 24, 2018

Toy Workshop 3-24-2018 (TWS2018-05)

Attenndees (29):
Rick B, Ed P, Lon G, Danny and Mary G, Darwin B, Brian, Al O, Ken M, Mary Jo A, Paul D, Julian W, Bob and Kathie B, Rollie L, Jerry H and Patsy H, Ralph B, Gary G, Frank D, Richard R, Harley S, Kurt B, John W, Bel F, Don R, Grant, Jerry N, Rick W (home shop)

  • Drilling windows and axle holes in wheeled vehicles (Paul, Al, Ralph, Ken, Brian, Rick B, Danny, Jerry N)
  • Cutting windows to shape on scroll saws (Ed Pike, Darwin)
  • Cutting toys to shape on scroll saws (Ed, Darwin)
  • Cutting toys to shape on bandsaw (Mary G)
  • Drilling holes in turtle banks with holesaw (Rick at home shop)
  • Drilling dowel holes to reinforce tails in whale pull toys (Rick at home shop)
  • Hand sanding after sealer:  Redwood Firetrucks for WW Show, Batman Racers, and Vans, (Kathie, Mary Jo, John, Harley, Bel, Cris, Don, Julian, Richard, Paul, Gary Graves
  • Drilling with a portable drill:  Ralph and I discovered that you can put a drill bit in backwards – ask Ralph for all the details.

Today Jerry Hood returned two dozen firetrucks ready to seal, plus a box full of critters (cars set)  all cut to shape, sanded, and edges routered  -- ready for inventory.
Kathie B sealed boxes of Love Bugs, locomotives, and large racers yesterday, and brought them into the workshop needing sanding after sealing.  Other toys were sealed for the last workshop, so were ready for sanding today also..

Several boxes of wood were taken to home shops to be worked at home shops. This included six boxes to Rick B's shop for routering and sanding.  One box of racers and one box of Lighning McQueen racers were taken to Ken Moran's shop for shaping and sanding.  One box of Batman racers and one box of Love Bugs went home with Danny Green.  Darwin took home a box of  cutouts ( trucks and tractors) and a box of Love Bugs.  The white Ford brought home boxes of locomotives (60) for the WW Show, Love Bugs (90), and large racers (28) ready to be sprayed when the weather warms a bit.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Pinewood Derby Build Assistance 3-17-2018

Rick's reputation as a toymaker is spreading, so Rick was asked to help at a Pinewood Derby car building exercise at First Assembly Church south of Rapid City.  This took place on March 17, 2018 at 9 am to noon.  This was the day after a school closing snowstorm..... 

Assisting Rick was Ralph Brethauer and Bob and Kathie Buchanan.

Notes to remind us about the project.

The saws were setup on the north side of the bilding under an awning.  A Tarp was placed on the ground ( to keep snow out of the workarea).  Cars were spray painted on cardboard placed on the snow.

Safety First - ear protection!

Awning with Black Hills panorama on the horizon.

Snow everywhere!

Warm clothes were needed.

Note for next time - bring a drill press and Forstner bit to drill holes for the lead.  Drilling the hole with a dremmel tool bit was very time consuming and in-efficient and difficult.

A  budding young artist using the scrollsaw to shape the Pinewood Derby car body. 

Rigid sander came in very handy for final sanding and shaping.

Cars were being built by the young kids in preparation for a March 24 Derby.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

SS SIG 3-15-2018

The March 2018 SS SIG was held on Mar 15, 2018 at 7 pm at Rick W's shop.  Attendees included Rollie Lynde, Ken Maron, Danny and Mary Green, Rick Weisbeck, and Bob and Kathie Buchanan.

Scrollsawing techniques and projects were discussed during the first half of the gathering, and a project to make Locomotives to give to kids at the Wood Working Show was worked during the second half.  One drill press and three scroll saws were going for 45 minutes to cut out 60 small locomotives traced on redwood.  Then they were sanded and routered and sealed before the 3-24-2018 toy workshop.  They were sanded at the workshop and are now ready for finish spraying.  At the Woodworking Show kids will help install the smoke stack and wheels and then try them on our special race track.


Locomotives on Redwood

Rick drilled windows with a 3/4" Forstner bit, and then drilled smoke stack holes with a 3/8" brad point bit.

Danny cut locomotives from Redwood using a Hegner Scrollsaw.

Closeup of scrollsaw work.

Ken contributed to the overall locomotove 60 count.

Rollie showed off his 2" thick cutting skills.

Break time - stare time - trading tips

Kathie and Mary

Finished projects cut and ready for next step

More closeups of the scrollsawing

The leftovers - sorry Harley.

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General Meeting on 3-12-2018 and Wood Stock Tour on 3-14-2018

General Meeting of the RCWA - March 12, 2018


Show and Tell

Tools to Make Angular Cuts for Segmented Turning

Made by Lon

Preview of WW Show Displays - Danny Green

Hook and Ladder Truck Prototype by Jerry Hood

Another prototype by Jerry Hood - #1 of 25

One of a Kind - bob cat - by Jerry Hood

A Tool You Can Make - by ...........

Tour of Wood Stock Supply 3-14-2018

Tour Guide:   Wayne

Coordinator:  Steve Larson

Attendees (11): Jerry and Patsy H, Steve L, John W, Jerry N, Lon G, Rick B, Al O, Kathie and Bob B, Paul D

Map to the Supply

Introduction and History of Wood Stock Supply

Extra Storage 

14 Sizes and Flavors of Oak Plywood

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Toymaking Workshop 3-10-2018 (TWS2018-04)

Attendees (20):
Rick, Ed, Lon, Danny, Darwin, Lauree, Brian, Al, Ken, Mary Jo, Paul, Julian, Bob and Kathie, Rollie, Jerry H, Ralph, Gary, Frank, and Richard

  • Tracing caterpillars, fish, and "small bug" cars; cutting, packing, and labeling blanks (Julian, Al, Mary Jo, Kathie, Richard, Frank, Jerry, Lauree)
  • Drilling windows and axle holes in wheeled vehicles (Paul, Ralph, Ken, Brian)
  • Cutting windows to shape on scroll saws (Ed Pike)
  • Cutting toys to shape on scroll saws (Ed, Rick, Darwin)
  • Cutting handles for chalkboards (Ed)
  • Tutorial on making Heart Jewelry Boxes from Gary Graves
  • Building cabins for tugboats (Danny, Rollie)
  • Hand sanding after sealer:  Firetrucks and Bear Push Toys (Kathie, Mary Jo)
  • Transfer redwood and cedar from Rick to Jerry H for Heart Jewelry Boxes
  • Toys yet to trace:  none
Now that all treaceable toys for 2018 have been traced, we will continue with phases 2 thru 5.

Procurement Update:    We placed an order for wheels earlier this week, which will arrive next week.  12,000 wheels and 12,000 axles were ordered to meet the toymaking needs this year.  Our vendor for bulk wheels:  Smith Wood Products in Texas.  Other miscellaneous wood parts were ordered from Woodworks, LTD (  This order was received today and included:  wood balls, wood rings, little people, truck wheels, and locomotive stacks.  When the wheels arrive, Rick will be spraying them in preparation for assembling wheeled vehicles.  Three boxes of toys (125) are nearly ready for wheels.  Paul Douglas will be spray painting the outside caps of the wheel axles in preparation for wheeled vehicle assembly.

Today Ken Moran returned a box of Love Bugs (90) that are ready for sealing and finishing. Danny returned a box of CFB size racers (25) that are ready for sealing and finishing.  Rollie returned four boxes of cars (80) that are ready for sealing and finishing.  Frank brought in 12 cradles ready for finishing.

Several of the boxed blanks were taken home with members (Lon, Rollie, Ken, Jerry) to work on in their own shops.  Chalkboards were taken home by Bob to trim handles and pass on to Gary Graves for final shaping and sanding and then adding chalk paint and jewelry by Trish Graves.

Photos from the workshop:

Ken Maron - drilling

Drill Line - Paul, Ralph, Ken

Cabins - Danny and Rollie


Lauree and Kathie - Finding Patterns

Sealing new firetruck

Frank and Richard - Tracing "Small Bug"

Rick scrolling critters

Ed cutting handles on Chalkboards

MaryJo - Sanding new Firetruck

Sealing New Dachshunds

Sealing New Bear Pull Toy

Sealing Vans

Sealing dachshund ears...

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