Monday, March 19, 2018

Pinewood Derby Build Assistance 3-17-2018

Rick's reputation as a toymaker is spreading, so Rick was asked to help at a Pinewood Derby car building exercise at First Assembly Church south of Rapid City.  This took place on March 17, 2018 at 9 am to noon.  This was the day after a school closing snowstorm..... 

Assisting Rick was Ralph Brethauer and Bob and Kathie Buchanan.

Notes to remind us about the project.

The saws were setup on the north side of the bilding under an awning.  A Tarp was placed on the ground ( to keep snow out of the workarea).  Cars were spray painted on cardboard placed on the snow.

Safety First - ear protection!

Awning with Black Hills panorama on the horizon.

Snow everywhere!

Warm clothes were needed.

Note for next time - bring a drill press and Forstner bit to drill holes for the lead.  Drilling the hole with a dremmel tool bit was very time consuming and in-efficient and difficult.

A  budding young artist using the scrollsaw to shape the Pinewood Derby car body. 

Rigid sander came in very handy for final sanding and shaping.

Cars were being built by the young kids in preparation for a March 24 Derby.

For more information about the Woodworkers, click here:   RCWA