Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Feb 13, 2019 Shop Tour Purdue Woodworks - Furniture Manufacturer - 9 am

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

RCWA General Meeting - February 11, 2019

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Toy Workshop 2-9-2019 (TWS 2019-03)

There will be a toy workshop on Saturday Feb 9, 2019 at the Club for Boys from 9 am to noon.


Temperature at Game Time:  -3 degrees F

Attendees (28): Danny and Mary Green, Rick Weisbeck, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Jerry Hood, Lauree and Darwin Buus, Ken Maron, Ed Pike, Rollie Lynde, Mary Jo Anderson, Paul Douglas, Al Oines, Lon Gose, Steve Larson, Carl Burke, Julian Wigen, Harley Schmadeke, Grant Coffin, Ralph Brethauer, Dennis, Keith Hoffman, Jim and Linda Burk, Brian, Frank, Richard.


Tracing, cutting, packing, labeling blanks

Drilling windows, drilling axle holes

Cutting love bugs, and critters

Cutting chalk board hand holes

With our first workshop in February, we are nearing the end of our tracing exercises.  We did trace more critters today, and some caravans. 

We started drilling holes for windows in wheeled vehicles, and drilled some axles in wheeled vehicles.  Critters and Love Bugs were cut out on scroll saws.  Holes for scroll-sawing of van windows was done as well.  Love bugs were also cut on the band-saw.

We received a large number of boxes from Knecht's on Monday this past week, so have an adequate number of boxes for a while. Other boxes were brought in to the workshop today as well.

Four boxes of toys were returned from Jerry Hood and Ken Maron that are ready for sealing, sanding and final spray finish. This is phenomenal for February!

Several of the other boxed blanks were taken home with members to work on in their own shops.

Drilling various kinds and types of holes

Cuttnig critters on the scroll saw

Cutting chalkboard hand holds

Cutting Love Bugs

Tracing Critters

Tracing caravans

Four boxes of toys are ready for sealing, sanding, and spray finish!

 Chalk Board hand holds were cut today.

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