Saturday, November 17, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

General Meeting Nov 12, 2018

SHOW and TELL from General Meeting 11-12-2018

Jerry H - Dollar Puzzles - 60 pieces - with matching boxes

Jerry - 3D scrollsawing - walnut - I LOVE YOU

Jerry - 3 D scrollsawing - walnut - candle holders

Jerry -  3 dimensional Scrollsawing - JOY

Rick:  Walnut Tree Slices - scrollsaw - fretwork 

Danny:  walnut bowls with carvings

xx - Scrollsawn Bowls

Rollie:  Breadboard

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

TWS 11-3-2018 (TWS 2018-19)

Attending today’s workshop:  25 including:  Darwin and Lauree, Keith, Al, Gloria, Ed, Brian, Mary Jo, Paul, Denny, Gary G, Kathie and Bob, Rick, Rollie, Lon, Richard, Jerry H, Ken, Grant, Steve, Don, Julian, Frank, and John

Activities today:  Assemble basketball games and package for delivery, assemble ring toss games, put truck wheels on flatbed pickup trucks and water trucks, put wheels on Love Bugs, and package critter bags for inventory.  When these activities were completed, we began tracing toys for 2019

Accomplishments:  We packaged 29 basketball games, packaged 31 ring toss games, put wheels on 35 flatbed and water tank trucks, and put wheels on 63 Love Bugs.  We emptied a trailer full of 2x6 material, and we traced 565 toys on 2x6 stock provided by Steve Larson.  We also traced the full complement of three sets of critters for critter bags.  This was our last scheduled workshop for 2018.

Photos from the workshop:

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