Saturday, January 13, 2018

Toy Workshop 1-13-2018 (TWS2018-01)

Attendees (25):   Danny and Mary Green, Rick Weisbeck, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Jerry and Patsy Hood, Lauree and Darwin Buus,  Harley Schmadeke, Paul Douglas, Ken Maron, Richard Rasmussen, Ed Pike, Rollie Lynde, Mary Jo Anderson, Don Roberts, Julian Wigen, Jerry Norsen, Al Oines, Lon Gose, Steve Larson, John Wolf, Frank DiCesare, Grant Coffin, and Mark Kline (visiting).


  • Tracing, cutting, packing, labeling blanks, and cutting tugboat hulls.
  • Toy making goal for 2018:           2,395
  • Toys traced today:                           988
  • Toys yet to build:                          1,407
  • Less toys not traceable:                   360
  • Toys yet to trace:                          1,047 

A great start to 2018, with almost half of the (traceable) toys traced, boxed, and labeled today!  Several of the boxed blanks were taken home with members to work on in their own shops.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Toymaking Workshop Planned for 1-13-2018 at the SHOP at the Club for Boys

Just a quick reminder- we will have a toy workshop in the morning:  Saturday Jan 13, 2018 at the Shop at the Club for Boys - 9 am to noon.  For those who like something to read, I have attached a note about Tracing Techniques.  See  you in the morning!  Bob B

General Toy Tracing Procedure  1-13-2018

1.   Tracing
a.    Get a pattern from Bob – who will log the pattern out to you.
b.   Please work in pairs – tell Bob who you are working with.
c.    Look over both sides of 2x4 or 2x6 before tracing.
d.   Trace as close to bottom edge as is feasible.
e.    Trace quantity that is written on the yellow sticky. 
f.     Write toy part number on bottom of each toy lightly.
g.    Mark “window hole locations” with a pointy thing (awl) on blank.
h.   Lightly write hole sizes for windows on wood
i.      Mark axle locations with a pointy thing (awl) – size not req’d.
j.      Move wood to the cutting area
2.   Cutting
a.    Cut traced toys to one per blank (preferred)
b.   Pack each group of part numbers:  one toy number per box (general rule).
c.    Move to packing area
3.   Packing Area
a.    Fill out Orange or Red “TRACED TOY BLANKS” label, then put label on end of box with tape.
b.   Stack boxes (on a cart or in a vehicle).
c.    If box goes to a vehicle, record the part numbers from box in the log.
4.   Return Pattern
a.    Bring pattern back to Bob and tell him the toy number and status – he will record it in the log.
b.   Have a cookie (and/or coffee).

c.    Then get another pattern from Bob.


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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

January 2018 RCWA General Meeting 1-11-2018

Happy New Year to all!  Here's a snapshot of what's happening in January for the RCWA:
Inline image

Hope to see you tomorrow night!  Bob B



1. Guests/new members
2. Treasurer’s Report- Reminder about Dues – $25/year
3. Sign-in / Email / Newsletter Check / Blog / Hats are still available $10 to members
4. Next Events:

  • a. Toy Workshop Jan 13th from 9 to noon at CFB.
  • b. SS SIG – Jan 18th , 2017 at Rick’s Shop at 7 pm
  • c. Toy Workshop Jan 27th from 9 to noon at CFB.  ( This is also Harley's Birthday!) 

5. Next General Meeting – February 12th 2018 at 910 Wood Ave

  • a. Refreshments:   DON ROBERTS
  • b. Nominating Committee for Feb Elections – if you would like to help on a committee or run for office, please call the nominating committee (consisting of all current officers)


  • a. Jan/Feb 2018– Special Toymaking session to refine and improve current patterns to fit RIGID sander and routers.
  • b. Tracing – Jan 13/27, 2018

7. Events since last meeting (Report/Feedback/Discussion)

  • a. Annual Christmas Family Potluck – Dec 11th, 2017
  • b. Harley’s presentation at Spearfish 11-20-2017
  • c. Harley and Paul at YMCA/Robbinsdale Elementary School

9. Wood Source for 2x4 stock
10. Woodworking Display Cases

  • a. Dakota Star Credit Union
  • b. AARP office at the Rushmore Mall

11. Wood Recovery Projects – Danny and Mary
12. Future Discussions
13. SHOW and TELL


Harley and Paul Show

On November 20, 2017, Harley Schmadeke and Paul Douglas traveled to Spearfish to make a presentation to the Northern Hills Retired School Personnel's Monday meeting.  They gave a little pitch about our Toy Making Program, and explained the details of how the toys are made.  There were lots of interesting questions, and excellent feedback about the value of the program.  Great Job Harley and Paul.


Then later in December, Harley and Paul did another presentation to a group of youngsters at Robbinsdale Elementary School, for their after school program, affiliated with the YMCA.  This was a more hands on event, with Harley and Paul explaining a little bit about each toy and how they are made.  Thanks again Harley and Paul for a great job! 


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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Toy Deliveries from Needs Free to Beatrice Community Preschool - Dec 2017

Photos from Beatrice Community Preschool

320 N 5th St, Beatrice, Nebraska 68310

For more information about the Woodworkers, click here:   RCWA