Monday, May 11, 2009

RCWA - May 2009 General Meeting

The May meeting of the Rapid City Woodworkers Association (RCWA) was held on May 11, 2009 at the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church at 910 WOOD AVE in Rapid City, SD.

Harley Schmadeke presented a turned beaded handle Gavel and matching sound block to the RCWA on May 11, 2009. Nice job and Thanks Harley!


A gavel is a small ceremonial mallet commonly made of hardwood, typically fashioned with a handle and often struck against a sound block to enhance its sounding qualities. It is a symbol of the authority and right to act officially in the capacity of a chair or presiding officer[1]. It is used to call for attention or to punctuate rulings and proclamations. It is customarily struck to indicate the opening (call to order) and closing (adjournment) of proceedings, giving rise to the phrase gavel-to-gavel to describe the entirety of a meeting or session, and to indicate that an item has been sold in an auction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
The meeting was called to order by Bob Buchanan using the official Gavel. The meeting consisted of a Business Meeting and a Presentation of Favorite Jigs.

The Business Meeting covered the following:
Evaluation/Discussion of the April 18th Woodworking Show
Announcement of a Toy Making Workshop - May 23rd at 2361 Lindsey Drive starting at 9 am


Roger Bares - motorcycle oval plaque

Harley - Walnut Lamp, and Gavel and sound board for meetings

Bob - project 4 shot.

Favorite Jigs

Bob - safety push sticks, bench hook
[photo unavailable]

Lon - shim maker

Rollie - jig for making basket, and a jig for adding diagonals to picture frame corners.
the end