Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Toy Workshop - Nov 13th, 2010

The weekly toy workshop held on Nov 13th concentrated on car/crayon van wheel assemblying, sanding, attaching crayons to crayon vans, cutting strings for the games, and preparing wooden balls to be attached to the strings for installing on the ball and cup games and to the basketball games.

Julian drilled the dual holes in over 200 1 inch wooden balls. Lauren cut over 200 strings for the ball and string assemblies needed for the cup and ball and basketball games. He also cut over 160 strings to put in the handsewn cloth bags for the animal cutouts.

Harley finished up several boxes of wheeled vehicles including small cars and the crayon vans.

The very popular mouse sander was used by Kathie to finish off lots of animal cutouts and puzzles.

During the week following the workshop, there was a lot of activity in toymaker's shops and kitchens preparing more parts for toys to be assembled the following weekend.

Activities included installing strings in wooden balls, drilling holes in basketball parts, and sanding parts.

Larry and Linda spent the morning gluing strings in over 200 wooden balls for the ball and cup games and the basketball games.

Lauren drilled holes in the launchers for the screw that attaches them to the basketball game base.

Lauren drilled dual holes in the bases of the basketball games to accept the string and ball assemblies. Bob drilled 1/2 inch holes in the backboards and bases to accept the 1/2 inch posts.

Bob installed launchers and post adapters to the bases of the basketball games, and cut dowels to length for the 1/2 inch posts.

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