Saturday, December 4, 2010

Toy Workshop - November 27, 2010

On the Wednesday prior to the Saturday Nov 27 workshop, a group of toymakers (Lauren, Bob and Kathie) applied sanding sealer to the flat cup and ball games, the turned cup and ball games, and all the basketball games in Bob's Shop. Then on Friday, another group (Lauren, Gary, Bob and Kathie) traveled to Black Hawk to use the spray booth in Wilkinson Custom Cabinets so generously offered by owner Chuck, to put on the final finish of lacquer on the games.

The two main goals for the toy workshop held on Saturday Nov 27 at 9 am at the RCWA Shop at 910 Wood Ave in Rapid City was (1) to install the ball and string assemblies on about 100 basketball games, about 40 flat ball and cup games, about 30 turned cup and ball games, and (2) to fill over 160 handsewn cloth bags with 4 each scrollsawn critters.

Toymakers attending today's workshop included: Harley, Julian, Grant, Gary, Lauren, Kathie, Judy, Denise, Larry, Gary Graves and Bob.

Every basketball game was subjected to a full functional test.

The handsewn cloth bags have been under construction since January 2010. Designed by Kathie, she was assisted in production by Trish Graves, Judy Levin, and Mary Coffin. Judy and Denise Kohama assisted Kathie with the bag filling effort today at the workshop.

This was the final workshop for the year... with only a few toys left to finish.

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