Sunday, October 9, 2011


9-24-2011 - Date line: Edgemont SD - Fall Festival

The RCWA was asked to participate in Edgemont's Fall Festival held near the Covered Bridge in the Edgemont City Park. So, on Sept 24, 2011, Bob and Kathie traveled to Edgemont to set up a booth in the city park by the covered bridge for the Fall Festival Quilt and Craft Show. The purpose of the booth was to let people know that there is a group in Rapid City for woodworkers and to show them some of the things we do.

A toy display was set up on one side of the booth and a scrollsaw on the other side. There was lots of interest in the toys. Small animals were cut from stock pine to give to kids who showed an interest in our activitites. Several kids stopped by and some decided they would like to help sand the toys. They took turns sanding and then began pumping the crowd to come and get their free animals!

Several people requested us to cut their names so we traced them out and cut several as well. At the end of the six hours – we had cut about 25 animals, 15 names and took orders for another 15. They liked the uniqueness of the gift and also liked the price of the donation!

People attending the festival came from all over the area including Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and SD. It looks like a potential activity for next year – I will certainly be more serious about asking for help next time!

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