Monday, December 12, 2011


Toymakers met at the RCWA Shop this morning at 8:30 am and loaded 6 sleighs (cars and trucks) with boxes of toys for the kids at the Youth and Family Services in Rapid City.  They caravaned down I-90 to the facility at 1920 N. Plaza Blvd in Rapid City, SD and brought them into the building's main conference room.

Kids from the morning classes of the YFS Headstart Program (ages 3 to 5) met us there and the toys were passed out.

Elves Rick and Grant did the honors.

YFS is always good at alerting the media - so KOTA TV (KOTA Territory News - Channel 3) and KNBN (News Center One - Channel 21) were there to record the festivities.

One story was shown on the KOTA Territory news at noon today.  You can see the story written and filmed by reporter PJ Randhawa at the following link:

Another story was covered by KBNB TV - Newcenter1 -  written and filmed by Danielle Grossman.  Here's the link to that story:

To get to the HOME PAGE of the Rapid City Woodworking Association, click on the link below:

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