Friday, November 23, 2012

Roger Bares Receives Master Toymaker Award

Wednesday evening, November 21, 2012, the Scrollsaw Special Interest Group gathering was held in Roger Bares shop.  During the event, Roger was presented with somewhat of a lifetime achievement award for his involvement in the Toy Program for the Rapid City Woodworkers Association.  Roger has been a key figure in the production of hundreds of toys since 2008 when the Toy Program was started.

Roger came to some of the first meetings of the RCWA as it was being organized.  I had been given a plan for a small tractor from a magazine, so I asked Roger if he wanted to see if it was something we could make for the toy program.  A few days later, Roger brought 12 tractors to the meeting.   So needless to say, the first toys Roger put into production were the small tractor. The tractors turned out to be a sturdy, simple toy, and we all  thought it would work well for young kids.  So Roger went home and got busy.  The next time we saw him a couple weeks later, he had cut out enough parts to make 300 tractors!  And it only got better from there.

Roger cut and finished a large number of rocking chairs, heart boxes, and turtle banks for the Toy Program over the past four years.  Then he branched off and made several sets of larger vehicles including firetrucks, log trucks, road graders, semi trucks with trailers, coupes, sedans, pickups, buses,  old cars, and a larger tractor.  These were much more detailed and were given to organizations for in-house use by visiting children.

One winter a couple years ago, the group was given a significant number of wooden parts from an individual who was going out of business.  Roger got busy and came up with an original design that would make use of some of the wooden parts.  This was the birth of the Locomotives, which utilized the large "ball" wheels and the locomotive stacks.

Roger - you truly are the Master Toy Maker!

Roger Bares receives MASTER TOYMAKER Award!

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