Monday, January 14, 2013


RCWA General Meeting is scheduled for Monday Jan 14, 2013 at 7 pm.

This meeting will include Election of Officers for the upcoming year as well as planning for the extracurricular activities for 2013.  This will be followed by Show and Tell of current projects.
The general meeting was held at the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church on December 10, 2012. 
The following slate of officers was nominated and elected to serve for the next year:
    President:  Bob Buchanan
    Vice President:  Rick Weisbeck
    Secretary:  Harley Schmadeke/Frank DiCesare
    Treasurer:  Julian Wigen
     Toy Program Chairmen:  Bob Buchanan/Rick Weisbeck
    Toy Program Assistant:  Larry Borg
    Photographer:  Lon Gose
    Librarian:  Wes Murphy
    Public Affairs (Newsletter/Webmaster/Press Releases):  Bob Buchanan

In lieu of a dedicated refreshments chairman, it was decided that the assignment of someone to bring refreshments for the next meeting would be added to the agenda each month.

Planning for “Presentations and Extracurricular Activities” for the remainder of the calendar year was completed and is shown in the early part of the newsletter. 

The Toy Program was discussed including the recent acquisition of wood, plans for new toys in 2013, the receipt of a grant from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, and scheduling of toy workshops during 2013. 

There were extra toys available after delivering 1650 toys to organizations in the Black Hills and Sioux Falls areas in December 2012.  A request for additional toys was made by Gary Graves representing Needs Free from Sioux Falls.  It was decided that during the next toy workshop, 218 toys will be packaged up for delivery to Needs Free by Gary Graves later in January.  Needs Free personnel will be distributing them to the Multicultural Center Day Care.  A group of 35 toys will be packaged for WAVI and 35 toys for Benji’s House – with delivery planned for June 2013.

This was followed by Show and Tell of current projects.
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