Friday, September 20, 2013

Shelving Workshop - Wednesday Sept 18, 2013

In preparation for relocating our RCWA shop and for moving our wood supply to a remote pole barn, we worked Wednesday 9-18-2013 in the RCWA Shop.  Our mission was to disassemble the workbenches, evaluate what could be salvaged, build 3 shelving units (2' x 4' x 77"), and deliver them to the remote pole barn.

Members Lon Gose, Julian Wigen, Larry Borg, Harley Schmadeke, and Bob Buchanan were there at 9 am to do the job.  We disassembled three workbenches, loaded the material onto Larry's one ton truck, met Rick at Knecht Home Center for more material, and then journeyed to Lon's Shop for the building task.   Vicky Gose served up snacks and drinks in the middle of the 90 degree afternoon.  By 4 pm, the three shelves were built and loaded into Larry's one ton.  By 7 pm they were sitting in the remote pole barn ready for wood.  Bob put together a fourth shelf from auction treasures and dropped it off on Thursday evening.  Good Job Shelving TEAM!

Moving Day - Sept 28th!


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