Sunday, November 10, 2013

Toy Workshop held on Nov 9th, 2013 at Club for Boys Shop

Eighteen toymakers from the Rapid City Woodworkers Association (RCWA) gathered at the Club for Boys Shop on Saturday morning, Nov 9, 2013 at 8:45 am.  This is our final month for completing the last of over 2000 handmade wooden toys for delivery to less fortunate children in the Black Hills and Sioux Falls area. 

This workshop included activities required to assemble various parts of the wooden basketball game.  Holes were drilled in the base of the toy to accept the hoop and backboard assembly.   Holes to attach the ball and string assemblies were drilled in the base as well.  Launchers to hold the Wendy's spoons were sanded to a 220 grit finish, and then were attached to the base of the toy.   Hoops were attached to the backboards with small trim screws.

Wings were attached to the last group of small airplanes fuselages.  Wheels were installed on the remainder of the 2013 RCWA fleet of 125 airplanes.

Wheels were installed on over 100 wheeled vehicles as the last of the finished cars, trucks, racers, oldies, pickups, tankers, and small cars rolled off the assembly lines. 

Lined cloth toy bags have been sewn by the "Bag Ladies" over the last several months.  Strings were inserted in the tops of the bags in preparation for the wooden critters which have been traced and cut for this year's toy bag deliveries.

A limited number of prototype two - sided cradles were prepared during this workshop. 

One of our members is becoming an expert on a small CNC machine, and we have benefitted with several parts for the end pieces of cradles and for the rotors on the helicopters.

This was a very productive workshop and we are certainly enjoying the use of the facilities offered for our use here at the Club for Boys.

Winding down after a very productive morning of toymaking!

Attendees included:  Julian, Frank, Harley, Bel, Larry, Barb, Kathie, Rick, Richard, Greg, Levi, Jason, Gary G, Rollie, Steve, Grant, Bob, and Ken.

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