Saturday, April 12, 2014

Toy Workshop on Saturday April 12, 2014

All - just a reminder that we will be having a TOY Workshop on Saturday - April 12th from 9 am to noon at the Club for Boys Shop.  Hope to see you there. 

Other dates to remember:
April 14th - RCWA General Meeting at the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church - 910 Wood Ave - 7 pm to 9 pm.
April 19th - Shop Tour - Rick Weisbeck's - 10 am to noon
April 26th - Toy Workshop at Club for Boys Shop - 9 to noon
May 10th - Wood Working Show at Knecht Home Center

Attendees today (9) included Rollie Lynde, Harley Schmadeke (back from the warm south), Bel Felix, Lon Gose, Gary Graves, Levi Woodard, Darwin Buus, Bob Buchanan and Ken Wright.

The tasks at hand today included final assembly of Shop Made Hand Sanders for use by the Club for Boys kids and for use during workshops.  A total of 30 were finished and loaded with sandpaper.  A sand paper cutter was assembled for use in the Shop as well.

The next task was final sanding of the airplane wings in preparation for assembling the wings to the fuselage.  Harley, Bel and Levi eased the edges of 135 airplane wings.

Rick Weisbeck cut to size the bases for the basketball games in his shop last week.  Lon Gose began the milling operations with a 1/2" hole to hold the post for the hoop assembly.

The effort to complete 400 race cars for the Club for Boys for 2014 (CFB Cars - 4 configurations of Racers) continued.  As we started the day, 58 cars of the 400 traced cars had been rough cut to shape.  Before we left, 108 cars were ready for the boys to complete the finishing and personalizing in preparation for a derby at the Club for Boys.

Rollie cut the cars on the CFB Shop bandsaw using a 3/16" blade, while Bob cut more on his DeWalt scrollsaw (using a #9 blade).

Rollie cut two pair of cradle ends on the scrollsaw in preparation for teacher/classroom kits.  The kits will be given to selected YFS pre-school classrooms in the near future.  Kits may include sets of blocks, a cradle, small cars, a few larger vehicles, bags of critters.

Additionally, Gary Graves brought in a box of race cars ready for wheels, along with 7 heart boxes completed are ready for inventory.  Levi added the wheels to the race cars which are now ready to be added to the inventory for 2014 deliveries.  Rollie and Lon each brought in boxes of cars that are ready for final sanding, sealing, and finishing.

Lon took home basketball bases for further milling, as well as two boxes of blocks for rounding the edges for the block sets for the teacher/classroom kits.

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