Friday, August 22, 2014

Toy Workshop 8-23-2014 at CFB Shop

Just confirmed - we will have a Toy Workshop tomorrow morning 8-23-2014 at the Club for Boys Shop - we will start a little earlier than normal - 8:30 am to 11:30 am.  Hope to see you there!    Bob B


Attendance:  Attendees today (16) included Rick Weisbeck, Larry Borg, Richard and Margaret Rasmussen, Bel Felix, Harley Schmadeke, Ed Pike, Grant Coffin, Al Oines, Frank DiCesare, Julian Wigen, Gary Graves,  Rollie Lynde, Kathie and Bob Buchanan and Ken Wright.

The tasks at hand today included sanding critters, drilling eyes for critters, adding wheels to cars (125), sanding parts for log trucks, cutting logs for log trucks, cutting turtle banks, drilling crayon holes in crayon vans, adding strings/ball to paddle games, and loading wheels, axles and finished toys into Rick's truck for off-site storage.

Rollie and Larry marked the 8 holes in each crayon van.

Rick and Gary discussed the latest techniques.
Julian drilled a few hundred holes in crayon vans.  

Al, Bel, and Harley added wheels to 125 vehicles including various racers, buses, sedans, and Batman cars.  They were then boxed and loaded into Ricks truck for off-site storage.

Margaret, Richard, and Kathie attached the strings/ball assemblies to the paddles to complete 50 toys.  They were then packaged up for the off-site storage.

Frank sanded a large number of critters for the critters bags.

Grant built a sled for the band-saw and cut about 200 logs into 5 1/2" lengths for the log truck toy.

Gary, Rollie, Julian, and Larry

On-line Research

Larry and Ed clean up the scrollsaw work area at the Club for Boys Shop.  Ed cut a couple dozen turtle banks from the 2x6 stock during the workshop.

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