Saturday, November 22, 2014

Toy Workshop @ Rick's Shop -- 11-22-2014

The final toy workshop for 2014 was held on Saturday November 22nd at Rick's shop from 9 am to noon.  We helped Rick finish his rocking chairs and tractors.  Tugboats were delivered, counted, tagged and placed in storage. Holes were drilled in Ring Toss games and readied for string/ring assemblies.  A number of empty boxes were received in preparation for toy packing on Dec 6th. 

Attendees (12):
RickRichardEdKathie and BobFrankHarleyDarwin and LaureeRollieGrantGary G

Tractors completed: 60
Rocking chairs - 15 assembled; still need spray finishing.
Ring Toss - 12 ready for spray finish and string/rings

Remaining tasks:
Tractors - assemble - pack and store.
Rocking Chairs - sand parts and assemble; spray finish; pack and store.

Today we assembled Rockers.  Parts were made using a CNC for the two side pieces, and a scroll saw/table saw for the seat and back.  We found that we needed to use a slightly bigger hole than the screws in order to easily align the parts for assembly.  Grant troubleshot our early damage problems and got us going on the proper path to success.  Teaming up was Richard, Ed, Bob, Grant, and Rick to finish about half of the rockers.  The remaining half still needs some sanding before assembling.

Rick had cut, sanded, assembled, and spray finished the lot of 100 tractors before the workshop.  The remaining task was to install front wheels with a dowel axle and the back wheels with axle pegs.  Harley, Kathie, Lauree and Darwin teamed up to finish 60 tractors, count, tag and package them for storage.

Frank finished the ring toss games by final sanding the sticks, and drilling holes for the strings/rings assemblies.  These will require a final spray finish before adding the string/rings.  Frank also brought in two completed cradles that he had worked on at his shop.  The cradles need final finish spraying, and quilts and baby dolls added before packing for storage.

Steve Larson completed the cutting, sanding, assembling of over 100 tugboat last weekend.  Bob and Kathie put on a sealer coat, sanded that, and sprayed on the final finish earlier this week.  The tugboats were counted, tagged, packaged and brought to the storage area today.

Bob brought home a set of parts for a rocking chair to use to scan a pattern for use by others who may want to build a rocker without using a CNC machine.  This pattern is now available on the TOY Documentation page of our website.

Rollie Lynde and Darwin and Lauree Buus brought in several empty boxes in preparation for the Toy Packaging day on Dec 6th at the Club for Boys shop.

Upcoming Shop Tour - January - 2015 - Gary Grave's Shop - watch for date and time.

Storage area:

Over 165 toys were packaged on Nov. 22nd and moved to storage.  So, as of Nov 22nd, 99% of our goal for 2014 toy program has been reached.  We are almost there and will plan to repackage and distribute the toys officially on Dec 6th, 2014 at the Shop at the Club for Boys.


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