Saturday, January 17, 2015

Toy Workshop Jan 17, 2015

Attendees (12) at today's Toy Workshop at the Club for Boys Shop included:  Lon Gose, Julian Wigen, Levi Woodward, Rick Weisbeck, Rollie Lynde, Al Oines, Bel Felix, Grant Coffin, Ed Pike, Richard Rasmussen, and Kathie and Bob Buchanan.

Today's workshop was the first for 2015.  As per usual, the name of the game today was TRACING - Day 1.  We sharpened our pencils and tracing skills and traced 588 toys on 2" material, and 210 critters on 1" material.  This number is one third of the traceable toys needed for the year.

Of course, before this workshop could take place, some behind-the-scenes activities took place.  Bob planned out the strategy for attacking the large number of variety of toys to be made.   Julian visited Dakota Kraft on three occasions to bring home scrap 2x4 stock and 2x6 stock.  Julian then unloaded the wood into his shop and planed 2 sides to reduce the amount of sanding needed as the toy is completed. He then loaded it back into his vehicle and brought it to the workshop.  Rollie located several boxes that would be needed to transport the blanks to and from the Club for Boys Shop for further efforts at individual shops around the Black Hills.

Today's tracing included the following standard toys:  bus, PT cruiser, pickups, racers, batman cars, soccer mom vans, helicopters, and critters for bags.  Also traced were a few toys from the research and development department (R&D) including rabbit and whale pull toys.

After the toys were traced, they were cut into individual blanks, sorted, and boxed up for the next step in the process. One of the next steps is to drill holes for windows, so some members began that process as well.  Rollie Lynde took home of Batman cars to start cutting on the bandsaw and scrollsaw.  Grant Coffin brought home a box of toy buses to drill out the windows.

Grant Coffin noticed that the patterns were easier to trace if they had a few strips of sandpaper on the back of the patterns, so this was done to increase accuracy and productivity on the tracing effort.  Good eye and nice job Grant!

During the Workshop, Lon Gose assisted personnel working on some upgrades to the front showcases of the Club For Boys building by cutting a large number of wainscot paneling with his miter saw.

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