Saturday, February 7, 2015

Toy Workshop - 2-7-2015 at the Club for Boys Shop

Thirteen toymakers attended the Feb 7th, 2015 Toy Workshop held at the Club for Boys Shop in Rapid City, SD from 8:45 am until noon.  Attending were Grant Coffin, Richard Rasmussen, Lon Gose, Rick Weisbeck, Al Oines, Darwin and Lauree Buus, Kathie and Bob Buchanan, Frank DiCesare, Ed Pike, Rollie Lynde, and Gary Graves.

Custodian Mike from the CFB unlocked the shop (on his day off).  Julian Wigen prepared for the workshop by making a Dakota Kraft wood run, and then spent a day in the shop planing the 2 by stock to be ready for tracing.  Unfortunately, Julian picked up a bug Friday night and was unable to function, so Bob and Kathie picked up the lumber from Julian's shop early Saturday morning before the workshop.  Thank you Lois for calling!

Also during the week, Bob retrieved several wood supplies from the pole barn for distribution to other toy makers for various toy projects, and for tracing activities today.

Today was the final day of tracing templates onto the planned wood.  There were also exchanges of toy parts that were worked on in home shops during the previous weeks. Wood for other toy projects was retrieved from the pole barn and distributed to various toymakers.

Today's workshop was the third held in 2015.  We continued last week's workshop theme as we started TRACING - Day 3.  Today we traced 433 toys on 2" material, and 120  critters on 1" material.  After today's efforts, we will need to trace about 53 more vehicles/toys on 2 inch and 1 inch material for 2015.  At the end of the day, we had traced 98% of the traceable toys needed for the year.  Other toys which require different efforts besides tracing are being worked as well.

Rollie brought in a large box of cutout batman cars (61).  Grant finished cutting out a box of tugboat hulls (87).  Rick took home two boxes of locomotives to work on, Darwin loaded up four boxes of various toys to cut, and Rollie loaded his car with about 7 full boxes for cutting.

Rick took home airplane cutouts, and some large pre-finished wood for making toy parts on his CNC machine.  Bob took home several prototype toys to do a low rate initial production run, including bouncing rabbits, swimming whales, hungry-hungry hippos, a new helicopter with two rotors, and several extra large OLDIES cars.  Lon took home a good supply of 3" pre-finished wood for making the paddles for the paddle games.

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