Sunday, March 29, 2015

Toy Workshop - CFB - Saturday March 28th, 2015

Reminder - we will be having a toy workshop on Saturday morning from 9 to noon at the shop at the Club for Boys.  Hope to see you there.  Bob B

Attendees (10):
Lon Gose, Al Oines, Richard Rasmussen, Rick Weisbeck, Kathie and Bob Buchanan, Rollie Lynde, Darwin and Lauree Buus, Grant Coffin.

Rick Weisbeck cut turtle banks using his scrollsaw.  Al Oines drilled windows in wheeled vehicles.  Kathie traced dinosaur critters.  

Lon brought in two boxes of shaped and sanded busses and vans.  Rollie brought in over 300 shaped and sanded batman cars and several other wheeled vehicles.  Basketball parts for bases and backboards were cut by Rick and delivered to the workshop.  Lon completed over 50 paddle games and delivered them.

Lon loaded up two more boxes of blanks to work on.  Al took home two boxes of locomotives to work on at his shop.  Grant took home a few boxes of toys to cut.  Rollie brought home a few more boxes of critters to cut into smaller blanks.

Equipment failures - blown fuse in Dewalt Scrollsaw, and loose adjustment knob in the other Dewalt Scrollsaw slowed our progress slightly.

Bob Buchanan shared his new walking duck pattern and sample duck with the group.  We will need to locate some supplies including NEOPRENE for the ducks wings and feet.

The wheel requirements for 2015 were discussed and clarified at the workshop.  Bob will be ordering wheels in the upcoming week, so that we can start preparing them for assembly on wheeled vehicle body parts.


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