Saturday, May 2, 2015

Toy Workshop 5-2-2015

All - we will be having a toy workshop on Saturday May 2nd at the Club for Boys Shop from 9 am to noon.  We have discovered 11 boxes of traced blanks yet to cut, so there will be plenty of work to do.  Hope to see you there.


Attendees (13):
Lon Gose, Al Oines, Kathie and Bob Buchanan, Rollie Lynde, Darwin Buus, Ed Pike, Julian Wigens, Harley Schmadeke, Bel Felix, Steve Larson, and Grant Coffin.

Julian and Darwin installed windows in buses and helicopters.  Ed and Kathie traced handle holes in chalk boards.  Bel and Harley aligned and adjusted the trailer hitches on the caravans and installed the doughnut spare tires.  Rollie installed a new blade on the band saw and cut out a box of buses.  A Prototype of a bird house was tested and adjusted.  One unit was finished by the team made up of Grant, Darwin, Bob and Julian.

Lon brought in two more boxes of shaped and sanded vehicles.  Harley brought in two or three boxes of critters he had sanded and routed.  Al brought in a couple boxes of vehicles as well.  

The eleven temporarily misplaced boxes of blanks were distributed to members to work on in their own shops.  Gary took home another box of blank helos to cut and sand.  Lon loaded up two more boxes of blank helos to work on.  Al took home a box of toys to work on at his shop.  Grant took home a box or two PT Cruisers to cut.  Ed loaded up a box of small worms. a box of large worms, and the box of chalkboards to work on.  Harley took home some more critters to sand and router.  Steve Larson took home the tugboat bases to start his tugboat process.


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