Saturday, June 6, 2015

Toy Workshop - June 6, 2015

The next toy workshop is Saturday June 6th from 8:45 am to noon at the Club for Boys Shop.

Attendees (10):  Rick Weisbeck, Gary Graves, Lon Gose, Julian Wigen, Bel Felix, Harley Schmadeke, Frank DiCesare, Grant Coffin, Bob and Kathie Buchanan

Bel, Harley and Kathie used hand sanders and small mouse sanders to prepare several boxes of sealed toys for final finish.
Julian prepared crayon vans by drilling the 8 holes in each of a large number of crayon van bodies.
Bob installed windows in crayon vans, soccer vans, and PT cruisers using a scroll saw.  He also cut out a few airplane bodies from 1” popular.
Grant used the bandsaw to revive a few toys from the ICU box, as well as cut a box of PT Cruisers, crayon vans, and soccer vans.
Frank set up the oscillating edge sander to do the initial sanding on several boxes of toys including oldies, large racers, and small racers.  

Rick delivered a box of finished wheels and painted axles, as well as 20 cradle ends prepared on his CNC machine. Frank took them home to sand and router in preparation for building cradles.  Lon brought in a large box of assorted toys, completely sanded and ready for sealer.  Gary brought in a group of 28 cars that are ready for inventory, as well as two boxes of helicopters that are completely sanded and ready to be sealed.

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