Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Toy Workshop - 18 July 2015

We held a toy workshop on Saturday morning from 8:45 am to noon at the shop at the Club for Boys.
Attendees (10):  Lon Gose, Al Oines, Rick Weisbeck, Kathie and Bob Buchanan, Grant Coffin, Julian Wigen, Bel Felix, Frank, and Harley Schmadeke.
Activities:  This workshop was held primarily to prepare the cars for the Maker Fair event to be held in August.  The cars were drilled for axles and the edges rounded over with the router.  

Other activities included installing wheels on oldies, C-cars, and small cars.  Cars that had been sealed were sanded. Cars with the final finish coat were sanded with 500 grit sandpaper.  Boxes of helicopters, busses, and paddle games were sanded and are ready for final spraying.  There are approximately 275 cars ready for wheels to be installed.


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