Saturday, January 16, 2016

Toy Workshop 1-16-2016

We held a toy workshop on Saturday morning from 9 am to noon at the shop at the Club for Boys.
Attendees Today (19):  Lauree and Darwin Buus, Al Oines, Ed Pike, Lon Gose, Julian Wigen, Rollie Lynde, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Frank DiCesare, Grant Coffin, Gary Graves, Rick Weisbeck, Harley Paulson, Dave Coppes, Lloyd Potter, Jerry Hood, Richard Rasmussen, and Danny Green.

Tasks done to prepare for this workshop
1.  Obtain wood for tracing wheeled vehicles and critters from Dakota Craft and from the pole barn. 
2.  Plane wood on two sides to eliminate sanding down stream.

3.  Unload a couple of truck and car loads of  2 x 4 s and 1 x 6 s.

Tasks Today:
  1.      Begin our Toy Tracing Plan - with a goal of making 2000 toys.
  2.      Trace Wheeled Toy Templates on 2 x 4 s
  3.      Trace wheeled vehicles for the Club for Boys Pinewood Derby.
  4.      Trace critters templates on 1 x 6 s
  5.      Drilling windows in Locomotives
  6.      Cut traced toys to rough size with miter saw.
  7.      Pack rough cut blanks into boxes for distribution to members or to storage.
  8.      Cut pinewood derby cars for the Club for Boys on the bandsaw.
  9.      Cut Critters on Scrollsaw.
  10.      Clean up.

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