Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pre-Move Packing at Pole Barn 3-16-2016

Danny Green, Jerry Hood, Al Oines and Bob Buchanan met at the pole barn this morning to pack loose items in preparation for the move to the Greens RV Barn on Saturday morning.  Wood was packed into boxes, and labeled for easy identification at the new location.  Danny measured the wood shelving and came to the conclusion that the shelving will easily fit on his flatbed truck for moving.

The move will take place on Saturday morning March 19th - meet at the pole barn at 9 am.  Bring your gloves, truck and/or trailers.  Lunch will be served at the Green's cabin after the move by Mary Green and Kathie Buchanan.  Shop Tours will be conducted at the Green's as well.  Plan to attend for a fun and productive time.

RV Barn


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