Sunday, July 10, 2016

Toy Workshop 7-9-2016 at CFB Shop

All - we will be holding a Toy Workshop on Saturday July 9th from 9 am to noon at the Shop at the Club for Boys.  Bring routers, saws, etc, as needed to use during the workshop.
Other dates to note:
Monday July 11th - General Meeting at 910 Wood Ave in RC from 7 to 9 pm
Saturday July 16th - Shop Tour at Al Oines - 10 AM
Thursday July 21st - SS SIG at Rick W's Shop - 7 pm to 9 pm
Saturday July 23rd - Toy Workshop at CFB Shop - 9 am to Noon
Saturday July 30th - Maker Festival - RC Library - 9 to 3
Lot of things to do this summer - if you are in town, hope to see you at some or all of these events.

Attendees Today (15):  Al Oines, Rollie Lynde, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Grant Coffin, Rick Weisbeck, Lon Gose, Richard Rasmussen, Lloyd Potter, Jerry Norsen, Danny Green, Ed Pike, Ron Fisher, Harley Schmadeke, and Paul Douglas.

It was a very productive workshop today!

We completed the following:
  1.  Wheels installed on 41 Love Bugs.
  2.  Began milling basketball game parts.
  3.  Cut handles for the chalk boards using scroll saws.
  4.  Sanding of sealed toys - four boxes - now ready for final spraying. 
  5.  Began assembling pickup trucks and tanker trucks.
  6.  Routered several boxes of toys for the toy program
  7.  Exchange/receipt of finished cradles ready for final spraying.
  8.  Completed cutting, drilling, and routering a large share of the Vans for the upcoming Maker Festival event - July 30th at the Rapid City Public Library and Outreach Event on August 28th for Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.
  9. Received wheels from Danny Green for the upcoming CFB pinewood derby event - Danny drilled over 1000 wheels in his home shop.
  10. Routered edges of turtles and ducks - new toys for 2016.

Notes for next time:
  1. Make a special jig for installing wheels on Love Bugs.
  2. Remember to install wheels on pickups before installing the boxes or tanks.
  3. Harley Schmadeke was asked to speak at the Deadwood Rotary Club meeting - he discussed our toymaking operations.  He was very well received, and answered lots of questions from interested listeners.

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