Saturday, July 8, 2017

Toy Workshop - July 8, 2017

The first activity in July was our Toy Workshop on Saturday July 8th.  Check the main webpage for further details.  ( ) 


A toy workshop was held on July 8, 2017 at the shop at the CLUB FOR BOYS.  The temperature was in the high 90s, allowing us to use routers and sanders and sun screen outside.

Attendees (19):  Al Oines, Ed Pike, Danny and Mary Green, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Lon Gose, Paul Douglas, Rick Weisbeck, Mary Jo Anderson, Ralph Brethauer, Rollie Lynde, Ken Moran, Jerry Hood, Gerold N, Harley Schmadeke, Matt and Megan Buchanan, and Mark Kline

Preparation for the Day in the Park Event on July 15, 2017:  We will bring blank unfinished wooden toy vans for kids to color with crayons. When the kids are finished coloring, we will install wheels on each toy.  A race track will be available to test the new cars.

Today the GAV Product Line was busy fabricating the blanks, also known as Give Away Vans (GAVs):  This included Drilling windows and axles/Router edges and sanding approximately 250 GAVs for the upcoming event.

Other Toy Program Activities today included:
   Helicopters - rotors installation
   Sanding - toys by hand after sealed
   Scroll sawing windows in Vans
   Installing wheels on toys
   Inventory of completed toys:  count/label/record/box up

Photos from today's Toy Workshop:

Bird's Eye View

Give Away Vans Product Line

Chalkboards in Production at on off-site Location

Toys packaged for Inventory today:  130   Subtotal to date:   465.


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