Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mini Toy Workshop at Rick's Shop 11-4-2017 (TWS2017-20)

Another cool Saturday morning, and an end of the year mini-toy workshop at Rick's shop.  Today, a small group met at Rick's to assemble the Rocking Chairs. 

Attendees (5):   Danny and Mary Green, Rick Weisbeck, and Bob and Kathie Buchanan, with a visit from Grant Coffin.

Last week, Rick and a small group sanded, milled, and drilled holes in the last few parts needed for the Rocking Chairs.  So today, the rocking chairs were assembled with glue and screws and finished on the edges with Poly Rub.  The rocking chair parts were cut in part on a CNC machine, and in part on Scroll Saws.  The parts were cut from pre-finished 1/2" birch.  Thirty-nine rocking chairs were completed and boxed up for inventory today.

Toys left to finish for the 2017 include approximately 100 toy tractors.

Toys packaged for Inventory today: 39                    Subtotal to date:    2,430

Here's our current inventory of toys, ready for distribution for the 2017 Toy Program.

Some interesting designs here in a couple of pieces of cherry:


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