Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Field Trip to Will and Rachel's - April 13, 2012

Our April shop tour was held on April 13th, 2012 at 11 am at Will and Rachel’s Studio at 14802 Holy Cow Ranch Road in Rapid City, SD.  Will and Rachel invited us to their Rapid Valley studio to give us an overview of their technique for turning bowls from SD trees and trees from around the world, to demonstrate their carving techniques, and to view special artwork in their gallery.  This is Will and Rachel’s working shop where they are always preparing items for shows and displays.  Last year was a year for publicity and moments in the spotlight.  Will and Rachel were featured in three magazines and one woodturning symposium brochure.  Will and Rachel were featured in the Spring2011 issue of the ART of the HILLS magazine where they describe their adventures with woods indigenous to South Dakota including Russian Olive, Cottonwood, Elm, Walnut, Black Hills Spruce, and Box Elder.  Then in August 2011, our local author and historian from Belle Fourche, SD, John English wrote a superb article for the American Woodturner magazine called “Embracing the Flaws – The Work of Will Bellucci and Rachel Scheffel.  The next published work was in the FINE WOODWORKING magazine – it was considered to be the apex of Will’s career by his father, who has read every FINE WOODWOKING Magazine since the first issue was published in 1975.  In the September/October 2010 issue of the FINE WOODWORKING magazine, in the Reader’s Gallery, Will’s tupelo vessel is featured, with Rachel given credit for the photography.  In a brochure for a woodturning symposium in Minnesota, Rachel was featured on the cover amid a huge pile of rough bowls, and for this story, Will was given credit not as a woodturner, but as the Photographer!  Finally, as of this publication, Will and Rachel are now featured in THE CUTTING EDGE!  To view Will Bellucci and Rachel Scheffel’s website gallery, visit www.woodsofwisdom.net.

 Read more and see photos in the link below.  After you click on the link, open the file for the May 2012 newsletter THE CUTTING EDGE and go to page 3.

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