Saturday, October 6, 2012

Toy Workshop Oct 6, 2012

We continued our marathon of Toy Workshops this weekend with another gathering at the RCWA Workshop in the basement of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church at 910 Wood Ave in Rapid City at 9 am on Saturday Oct 6, 2012.

This Saturday, eight individuals braved the first snowfall of the year and came out to make toys.   Tasks included drilling helicopter axle holes, sanding airplanes, assembling wheeled vehicles, taking inventory of items that have been completed and readied for the storeroom, gluing up helicopter rotors, assembling helicopters, assembling turtle banks, and receiving completed items.  A team of three assembled wheeled vehicles.  Once again, members took boxes of toys home to work on in their shops.

Attendeess included Lon, Larry, Bel, Kathie, Harley, Frank, Rick, Gary Graves, and Bob.

A total of 303 toys were inventoried and placed in the storeroom including small cars, racers, oldies, buses, turtle banks, helicopters, and airplanes. 

The next workshop is planned for October 13, 2012.

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