Saturday, October 6, 2012

Toy Workshop Sept 29, 2012

Beginning this Saturday and continuing every weekend until Dec 1, 2012, we will hold a Toy Workshop at the RCWA Workshop in the basement of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church at 910 Wood Ave in Rapid City.

This Saturday, eleven individuals arrived to tackle the tasks at hand.  Tasks included driling axle holes, drilling windows, drilling eyes on critters, sanding cars and critters, taking inventory of items that have been completed and readied for the storeroom.  A team of six assembled wheeled vehicles. Holes for helicopter rotors were drilled, and tugboat completion plans put in place.  Many members took boxes of toys home to work on in their shops including routering edges, cutting vehicles from stock, sealing and finishing with lacquer.  Other items which had been completed at home in the previous weeks were exchanged including plexiglass circles blanks for turtle banks, tugboat cutouts, tugboat cabin parts, airplane fuselages, finished wheels and painted axles, and critter cutouts.

Attendeess included Lon, Julian, Larry, Bel, Ron, Kathie, Harley, Frank, Rick, Steve, Darwin and Bob.

A total of 404 toys were inventoried and placed in the storeroom;  these included small cars, racers, sedans, oldies, buses, locomotives, and jewelry boxes.

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