Monday, March 11, 2013

SHOP TOUR - Rasmussen's - 3-9-2013

Richard and Margaret Rasmussen opened their home and shop to members of the Rapid City Woodworkers Association's on Saturday morning March 9, 2013 in Hill City, SD.

Richard and Margaret starting building their home in 1995. 
Richard carved the information above his deck using a lathe chisel.

The other sign - above the sliding door to the dining room.


The entry way was very impressive, and was built in Rapid City before they started on the home in Hill City.  The arch way over the entry is built using techniques similar to building a boat, with rounded over edges fitted together.

Richard modeled the panel system after an older very fashionable home in eastern South Dakota.  Most of the moulding was made in the basement in Richard's shop using a BELSAW planer/moulding machine.

The stair piece shown below was made from a large piece of walnut on the lathe using a piece of the stair railing as a pattern.

One of many Woodworking Projects in the home.
The stair parts are attached with metal strips, which cannot be seen, under each tread.
Richard turned all the spindles for the stairway on his lathe, as well as the curved end pieces. 
The SHOP is located in the basement of the home.  A system of air filters and vacuums is used to keep the dust to a minimum.

Richard captivated the group with his stories about the details behind each woodworking project in the home.

Richard built the first four-poster bed after his wife attempted to purchase one in a store in town.
You know you are a lumberjock if: 
1.       No matter what you're wife wants from a store, you say, "don't buy it, I can make it."
2.       Your wife says, "I know you could make it, but will you make it?"
Richard of course could, and did make not only one, but two!

The members were treated not only to a tour of the Rasmussen home, but also to a chili luncheon as well.
Thanks Richard and Margaret for opening your home and providing such a fine display of woodworking!
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