Monday, December 2, 2013

SHORT NOTICE - Slight Change of Plans - Moving up the Toy Move - Dec 2, 2013

We decided to try to beat the cold front that is moving in this week and move the 2001 toys from Rick's shop to the CLUB FOR BOYS on MONDAY, at 5 pm.  We met at Rick's shop at 5 pm on Monday evening Dec 2nd and loaded the toys in trucks and took them down to the CLUB.  With more than 8 vehicles on the scene, we loaded all 120 boxes into two pickup trucks.  Those who couldn't be at Ricks by 5 pm came to help unload at the CLUB for Boys around 6 pm.  We started loading about 4:50 pm, then traveled to the Club for Boys Shop and finished unloading about 6:10 pm!  Thanks for all your help! 

Those at the toy move included:  Rick, Kathie and Bob, Steve and Shirley, Grant, Lon, Julian, Frank,  Lauren, Greg, Gary and Denise, Gary G,  Darwin and Lauree,  and Ken.

Details of the Move

Boxes of toys were being stored in the upper room of Rick's shop.  They needed to be moved down the stairs and out thru the shops to waiting trucks.
Rick slid the boxes down the ramp to Kathie.

Kathie passed them off to the bucket brigade to load them in the trucks.
Steve led the charge towards the trucks.

The first truck was loaded and the next one moved into position.

After a harrowing trip to the CLUB for BOYS shop, the unloading began:

The next activity will be on Saturday - we will meet at the CLUB for BOYS shop at 9 am and start packing the toys (2,001) for the 18 organizations.
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