Monday, December 2, 2013

Toy Workshop on Nov 30, 2013 at Rick's Shop

This is the last workshop for the year - we will be packing and delivering toys to children in the Black Hills and Sioux Falls areas next weekend.

The last toys to be completed include Toy Tractors, Turtle Coin Banks, and Doll Cradles.  Attending this workshop were Frank, Steve, Kathie, Bob and Rick.

Kathie is assembling the front and rear wheels on the Tractors.

Steve and Bob prepared the plexi-glass discs for attaching to the turtle banks.

Frank put all the pieces together to makes a dozen reversible/rocking cradles.

Kathie and Steve do the final wheel glue-ons for the 100 Toy Tractors.

Toy Tractors - one of the first toys made by the group in 2008.  Original setups and assembly was perfected by Roger Bares.

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