Sunday, June 8, 2014

General Meeting June 9th, 2014

General Meeting Monday June 9th  - 7 pm at 910 Wood Ave in Rapid City.

Our next general meeting will be held on Monday June 9th, 2014 at 910 Wood Ave at 7 pm.  This will be in the fellowship hall at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Rapid City, SD.  
We will be planning for the June 14th Family Picnic, the June 21st Garage/Tool Sale, and the July 19th Hills Alive event at this meeting.  This meeting will cover Toymaking status, Announcements, Post Woodworking Show Discussions, the June 21st Garage/Tool Sale Planning, A Day in the Park Planning, and Club for Boys Assistance Planning.  This will be followed by Show and Tell of current projects. 

The agenda for the meeting includes:
1.                   Guests/new members
2.                   Treasurer’s Report- Reminder about Dues – $25/year
3.                   Sign-in / Email / Newsletter check
4.                   Next Shop Tour/Event:  Family Potluck Picnic – 14 JUNE – 2 pm to 9 pm
5.                   Next Toy Workshop – Saturday  June 7th, 2014 – 9 am to noon
6.                   Next SS SIG – at Roger’s – look for email
7.                   Next General Meeting
a.       Date:  July 14th, 20147 pm
b.       Refreshments Person:  ________
8.                   Unplugged Woodworking – on summer vacation – until September
9.                   Woodworking Show – comments/lessons learned
10.               Toy Program
a.       Day in the Park – July 19th, 2014 - Memorial Park
                                                                                                               i.      Time/Personnel/Tables/chairs/tent
                                                                                                             ii.      Need to bring:
                                                          1.       Cars – 220 - Frank
                                                          2.       Wheels/Axles – need 880 of each (paint axles, spray wheels)
                                                          3.       Sandpaper/Crayons
                                                          4.       Wheel Assembly Fixtures w/Jigs(2) / Small Hammers (2)
b.       Teacher/Classroom Kits (suggested) for 4 teachers by Aug 15th; 4 more by Oct 15th
                                                                                                               i.      Contents of Teacher/Classroom Kits
1.       Bag of blocks (10 large/10 small)
2.       Larger Vehicles (eg log truck) (1 or 2)
3.       Smaller vehicles (6)
4.       Doll Cradle with quilt and doll
5.       Rocking chair
6.       Bag of critters (with 12 animals)
c.       BOYS CLUB Assistance – look ahead planning
                                                                                                               i.      Pinewood Derby (2 per year);  80 x 2 = 160 cars
1.       CFB racers – cutout profiles (160) , drill out wheels (320)
                                                                                                             ii.      Santa’s Elves (1 or 2 evenings per month)
1.       Help us build toys
2.       Help them build something for someone else
3.       Projects – e.g.  catapults w/experiment in design/construction
4.       Mini woodworking Show – an evening to give them ideas on what they could build with wood
11.               Garage Sale:  Saturday 21 June 2014 - Fundraiser for Toy Program
a.       Location:  Wes Murphy:  4013 W CHICAGORAPID CITY, SD on W. Chicago
b.       Time:  7:30 am til done
c.       Ad in Newspaper:  Mary Coffin
d.       Items to be sold:  Bring list to this meeting
e.       Julian – marking method
12.               Woodworking Display Cases – Knechts
13.               Wood Recovery Project – on-going - for all members
14.               FUTURE DISCUSSIONs
15.               SHOW and TELL

                                    See you on JUNE 9th - Monday at 7 pm!

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