Sunday, June 8, 2014

Toy Workshop June 7, 2014

All - we will have a toy making workshop tomorrow morning Saturday June 7th from 9 am to noon at the Club for Boys Shop.  Hope to see you there!   Bob B

Attendees today (10) included Lon Gose, Levi Woodard, Greg Todd, Bel Felix, Harley Schmadeke, Ed Pike, Grant Coffin, Bob and Kathie Buchanan and Ken Wright.

The effort to complete 400 race cars for the Club for Boys(CFB) Derby for 2014 (CFB Cars - 4 configurations of Racers) continued today.  Grant cut out racers on the bandsaw.  The unofficial count for today is somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 and 200 cars that have been "rough-cut" to date.

The "Using a hole saw to make wheels effort" for wheels for the CFB Derby was continued again today.  Wheels are being made using the 1/2" thick  pre-finished wood from the RCWA supply.  Three members set up three drill presses.  Ed, Lon and Bob worked for over two and a half hours each and made just over 150 wheels (partial).  Ken will drill out the other side during his time at the Club for Boys Shop during the week.

Kathie sewed a number of larger size bags using drapery material prior to the workshop.  Today she packed the larger bags with an assortment of various sized blocks for the teachers kits.  These blocks were sanded and routered by various members over the last six weeks in home shops.

The inventory of traced and cut vehicles was reviewed, and those items needing axles holes were lined up and drilled by Harley, Levi and Kathie.

The remaining tasks completed today included preparation of the ball/string sub-assemblies to attach to wooden balls for the basketball games and cup and ball games.  A total of 145 string/ball sub-assemblies is now ready for use.  Strings were also attached to wooden rings in preparation for attaching to the ring toss game.  A total of 50 string/ring sub-assemblies is now ready for use.

Harley brought in 3 cardboard boxes full of pre-finished wood that he has generously been storing since Dec 2012 in his shop.  Other members will be using this wood as needed for additional non-wheeled toys.


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