Saturday, October 18, 2014

Toymaking Workshop - 10-18-2014 at CFB Shop

Super workshop today with 21 members in attendance!


Attendees (21) at the Oct 18th, 2014 Toy Workshop at the Club for Boys Shop included:

Julian Wigen, Rollie Lynde, Grant Coffin, Al Oines, Bel Felix, Harley Schmadeke, Rick Weisbeck, Richard Rasmussen, Ben Shatraw, Darwin and Lauree Buus, Lon Gose, Gary and Denise Kohama, Larry and Barbara Borg, Gary Graves, Steve Larson, Frank DiCesare and Bob and Kathie Buchanan.

Tasks today included wheeled vehicle assembling (cars, vans, buses, small cars, soccer vans, crayon vans, racers, oldies, helicopters), drilling holes for crayons in vans, cup and ball games assembly, airplane building, filling block bags, filling critter bags, cradle building, helicopter rotor final assembly, ring toss games, cradles, packaging, marking and inventory.

Wheel Assembly Line
Harley Schmadeke, Bel Felix, Gary Kohama, and Al Oines made up the wheel assembly line today.  Wheels were added to cars, racers, PT Cruisers, small cars, and buses.    

Cup and Ball Game /Helicopter Assembly Line

Crayon Holes in Crayon Vans

Doll Cradle Assembly Line

Airplane Assembly Line

Bag Filling/Crayon Packing/Line

The shipping department team consisting of Lauree Buus, Kathie Buchanan, Denise Kohama, and Barbara Borg did the packaging, marking, and inventorying of the completed items in preparation for storage at our off site facility.
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