Monday, October 27, 2014

Toymaking Workshop - 10-25-2014 at CFB Shop

All - just wanted to remind you that we will continue our weekly Toy Workshops tomorrow and we'll be meeting at the Club for Boys Shop starting at 8:45 am and going until noon.  Hope to see  you there!  Bob B


Another very productive workshop today with 15 members in attendance!

Attendees at the Oct 25th Toy Workshop included:

Julian Wigen, Darwin and Lauree Buus, Larry and Barbara Borg,  Rollie Lynde, Ed Pike, Al Oines, Bel Felix, Harley Schmadeke, Rick Weisbeck, Richard and Margaret Rasmussen, and Bob and Kathie Buchanan

Activities today included final sanding of cradles for teachers (8) in preparation for final finish. Two additional cradles were prepared for the kids toys.

Over 125 airplanes were assembled with wheels, then inventoried, marked and packaged for storage.

String and ball assemblies were added to the cup and ball toy, then inventoried, marked and packaged for storage.

The tugboat stacks that were milled during the week were sanded and are now ready for attaching to the tugboat assemblies.

Strings were added to the cloth bags.  Then block sets were collected (10 large, 10 small) and put into the larger cloth bags.   Then they were inventoried, marked and packaged.

Shapes were sanding and peg handles added on the first group of the shapes for teachers project.

Crayon vans were prepared for shipping by adding wheels, and crayons.  Completed vehicles were then inventoried, marked and packaged for storage.

Rotor holes were drilled in over 70 helicopters and rotors installed.  These were then inventoried, marked and packaged for storage.

Rick brought in 26 cradle ends, and 70 helicopter rotors, hot of the CNC machine for clean up and preparation for assembling.  The items will need to be sprayed with a lacquer finish before attaching to the rest of the cradles / helicopters.

Ed finished cutting out a box of worms this week, so they are ready for routering, sanding, sealing, sanding, and finishing.  These will then be ready for wheels at the next workshop.

Julian sanded a box of helicopters this week, and brought them in to the workshop. These are ready for sealing, sanding, and finishing.  These will be ready for wheels and rotors at the next workshop.

Rick will be preparing more parts this week at his home shop.  He will be milling more rotors, the round Plexiglas cutouts for turtle banks, and additional shapes pieces for the shapes for teachers project.  Other members will be preparing additional items in their own shops this week including caterpillars, helicopters, racers, and pickup trucks for the upcoming workshops.


As of October 25th, there are 1344 toys in our completed inventory storage room.  Thanks to all who have made this possible  by giving of their time and talents!!!

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