Thursday, September 10, 2015


The  week is going by quickly, so here is a quick reminder that we will be having a Shop Tour at Dakota Craft on sEPT 19TH, Thursday morning at 10:30 am. The address is 2135 Dakota Craft Dr, Rapid City, SD 57701.  (It is located near Cabella’s.)  Meet there for the tour. The tour of this truss-making company will last about a half hour and then there will be time to ask questions.  

Dakota Craft collects and donates scrap wood to us for our Toy Program - all the 2 x 4s and 2 x 6s used for the program comes from Dakota Craft.  At least 75% of the wood used for the toy program is 2x4s and 2x6s.  Julian Wigen has been coordinating the wood collecting and prepping for the Toy Program for the last several years.  The employees see him coming and they load up his vehicle very willingly and generously.   However, Julian will soon be re-locating to smaller living quarters, and will be donating his super-planer to the RCWA.  We will soon be needing someone to take over the role of wood collecting and/or prepping.  This is an important job, so think about this and keep this in mind as you go thru the tour.  Thanks.  See you Thursday morning!

Here's some more information about Dakota Craft from their website:

For three decades Dakota Craft has partnered with builders and delivered Lumber, Building Materials, and Structural Building Components across the Northern Plains Region.

We are proud to have served a strong, prospering area, alongside good people. Thanks to all of you we have worked with, and thanks to the great communities we are a part of. Our region continues to stay strong and the North Dakota oil boom is fueling growth. Dakota Craft is optimistic about the future, and plans to be a solid partner in the community for the years to come.

*As your partner we can supply your job with cabinets, windows, decking, shingles, siding, and everything in between. Serving North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

Photos from the Tour:


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