Saturday, September 19, 2015

Toy Workshop 9-19-2015

Starting September 19th, 2015, we began the first of our marathon workshops - being conducted every Saturday morning for the next two months.  We met at 9 am to noon at the Club for Boys Shop on Saturday morning Sept 19th..  We will have workshops each weekend until we meet our goal of  building and storing 2,000 toys.  We will pack and distribute the toys on Dec 5, 2015.

Danny and Mary Green, Darwin and Lauree Buus, Richard Rasmussen, Rollie Lynde, Lon Gose, Ed Pike, Al Oines, Harley Schmadeke, Bel Felix, Kathie and Bob Buchanan, Steve Larson, Frank DiCesare, Grant Coffin, and Julian Wigen.  Rick Weisbeck provided a ton of wheels and axles ready for assembly, as well as helicopter rotors, and airplane fuselages.

Stations today included Airplane Construction, Helicopter Building, Final Assembly of Busses, Crayon Vans, and Oldies, Cradle parts prepping, and Locomotive Building.  Other areas were set up with a router table for rounding over the edges of numerous vehicles and push toys, a RIGID edge belt oscillating sander for initial rough sanding and shaping, and a drill for preparing items for scroll sawing, and for drilling holes for installing axles and rotors.

Toy Parts exchanges today included receipt of 20 completed quilts for the cradles from Margaret Rasmussen, a large box of critters ready for the bags from Danny and Mary Green, five boxes of first cut critters and other vehicles from Darwin Buus, 1/4" stock for cradle bottoms from Rick Weisbeck.  Handed out to Steve Larson were 3 boxes of tugboat parts, 5 boxes of stock for making blocks for the blocks bags to Danny Green, Pre-cut bag material for 20 bags to Mary Green, 3 boxes of critters for sanding/routering to Harley Schmadeke.

Toys packaged and ready for inventory today included 18 oldies, 133 busses, and 36 helicopters. Toys will be placed in inventory by Rick Weisbeck.

So - good progress today - 187 toys packed for inventory.
Grant and Julian constructed over 125 airplanes today.

Mark Kline of the Club for Boys dropped by to welcome us to our first day of the marathon.

THE WHEEL INSTALLATION TEAM consisted of Laurie, Richard, Bel, Harley, Mary and Danny.

Al was prepping the locomotives for their stacks, Ed was scrolling a number of toy parts, and Lon was building helicopters.

Kathie was adding bags of crayons to the 100+ crayon vans.

Darwin was rough sanding toys, and Rollie was rounding the edges of a large number of toys.

For more information about the Toy Workshops, contact Bob Buchanan at (605) 348-2865 or Rick Weisbeck at (605) 431-7478.  Or go to our website at


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