Saturday, February 25, 2017

Toy Workshop - Feb 25, 2017

Attendees (25):  Al Oines, Ed Pike, Rollie Lynde, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Lon Gose, Julian Wigen, Paul Douglas, Grant Coffin, Darwin and Lauree Buus, Rick Weisbeck, Ron Fisher, Paul Douglas, Richard Rasmussen, Jerry and Patsy Hood, Danny and Mary Green, Mary Jo Anderson, Ken and Carol Maron, Don Roberts, Frank DiCesare and Kevin Gregg.

The Toy Program effort consists of 5 major phases:

Phase 1:  Tracing
Phase 2:  Cutting toys to shape
Phase 3:  Milling - routering, drilling, and machine sanding
Phase 4:  Finish - sealer coat - sanding - final spray coat - final sanding
Phase 5:  Wheel installations

This was the third workshop for 2017, and we are still in phase 1, so the plan for the day continued to be tracing.  Rollie Lynde again brought in a trailer full of 2x6 lumber that Steve Larson picked up from Dakota Craft.  Steve planed the wood in his shop last week, then brought it to Rollie's shop (before the snow storm) for delivery to the workshop.  

Over 450 toys were traced on the planed stock today including racers, caterpillars, trucks, PT cruisers, batman cars, some new prototype trucks, a new older VW Bug, some new prototype small cars, buses, VW Micro-mini Bus, small cars, a new jeep and new smart car, mini-vans, soccer vans, and new delivery vans and maintenance vans.  We finished tracing over 200 of the 10" racers for the Club for Boys pinewood derby.

Lon cut the traced 2x6s and 1x6s down to a useable size for packing in boxes using his Miter Saw.

By noon, we had finished tracing all toys made from 2" thick material that we have planned for 2017.  We actually had a few pieces of 2x6 wood left.  We will be planning the production of the Give Away Vans using 2" stock soon.

Critters were traced on 1" stock in the overflow room.  Using the new supply of 1x6's from the trimcut line at the Hill City Sawmill, we completed tracing all critters patterns.  

Other Activities today:

Rick filed the new sand paper supply into the file cabinet for easy access.
Rolllie brought 2x6 material for tracing.
Danny and Mary brought 1x6 material for tracing critters.
Kathie brought cookies, coffee, and scones for breaktime.
Darwin brought in some items received from Spring Cleaning at the Magnums Rubber Band Gun Factory.  This included wooden pegs, dowels of various sizes, and lots of other sundry items that can be used for toymaking.

Other than tracing:
Richard brought a box of toys in that area ready for phase 3 - routering and sanding.
Lon and Ken brought in two boxes of toys that are ready for Phase 4 - finishing.
Danny and Mary drilled window holes in a couple of boxes of small toys.
Rollie brought in his bandsaw and cut toys to shape including racers and other small toys.
Ed Pike cut out Turtle Banks to shape on the scrollsaw.
Lots of boxes of toys went home with members to be worked on at home shops!
Lots of boxes of toys are now stacked in the shop at the Club for Boys.

A guest - Jimmie - a retired plumber from Wisconsin - brought in a small wooden marble game to show us and see if we would be interested in making some.  He also showed us a wheel making bit.
Progress to date:  Not counting Critters, we have traced over 1,850 toys.  We can now concentrate on Phases 2 thru 5 for these toys.  We also will be starting on the toys which must be assembled from several parts, such as basketball games, rocking chairs, tugboats, boxes, chalkboards, cup and ball games, blocks sets, cradles, and ring toss games.  Our goal for this year for the Christmas toy program giving is 2,300 toys.


You look as confused as a pine tree in a parking lot.  (wood working humor) 

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