Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Crosscut Sleds - HOW TO and TIPS

CROSSCUT SLED.  Sometimes in the shop, we need a device to improve the accuracy of our work.  Jigs can come to the rescue.  Many miter gauges cannot support work pieces longer than a couple of feet for making accurate crosscut.  So in this case, a crosscut sled is the perfect solution.  It cradles long work pieces and slides over the saw table along the saw's miter slots.  A fence in the back holds work pieces securely for dead on crosscuts every time.  A crosscut sled will add accuracy, ease of operation and safety to your work.

  • It rides in both miter gauge slots to keep it tracking accurately without slop.
  • It immobilizes the work piece on a platform mounted to these slides, against a sturdy fence.
  • It is not adjustable, so it won't get out of square.
For further details, read the article:  Crosscut Sled - a downloadable plan from Woodworker's Journal.
This can also be found on our website:

Here are two links to highly recommended videos to help you with building a cross cut sled for your table saw:

146 - How to Make a Cross-Cut Sled

by The Wood Whisperer

Link:                             How to Make a Cross-Cut Sled - by the Wood Whisperer

by William Ng

Link:                            Five Cuts to a "Perfect" Cross-Cut Sled


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