Saturday, March 25, 2017

Toymaking Work Shop 3-25-2017

A toy workshop was held on the fourth Saturday in March at the shop at the CLUB FOR BOYS.  This time the weather was much warmer, as we started the day with the Rapid City Woodworkers Association Toy Program, allowing us to use routers and sanders outside.

Attendees (21):  Al Oines, Ed Pike, Danny and Mary Green, Rollie Lynde, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Lon Gose, Paul Douglas, Darwin and Lauree Buus, Rick Weisbeck, Jerry Norsen, Paul Douglas, Richard Rasmussen, Mary Jo Anderson, Ken Maron, Harley Schmadeke, Bel Felix, Ron Fisher, Frank DiCesare, and Jerry Hood.


Paddles – Lon drilled, shaped and sanded a ton of paddles in his shop.  They are now ready for final spraying.

Cartoon trucks, power wagons, farm trucks, maintenance vans, Scion cars, love bugs and small cars – Ken Moran drilled, shaped and sanded in his shop.  They are now ready for sealing.

Love Bugs (75) – Jerry Norsen drilled, shaped, and sanded in his shop last month.  Kathie sealed them and Mary Green sanded them today.  They are now ready for final spraying.

Truck cabs – Jerry Hood drilled, shaped, and sanded in his shop.  They are now ready for sealing.

Box of critters – were round over routered at the workshop by Rick.  They need light side sanding.

Danny and Mary brought in wood from the RV Barn for the remaining tug boats and truck trailers.

On hand – two Boxes of helos from Gary Graves – currently sealed, sanded, and ready for final spraying.

Jerry Norsen sanded toys on the Rigid sander, Danny Green and Frank D rounded the edges of toys, Rick rounded over critters with trim routers, Mary Green hand sanded love bugs.

Ron Fischer and Mary Jo traced some remaining critters on 1x6 pine.  Harley and Bel traced tugboats and small oldies on 1x6 pine.

Ken and Al drilled axle holes and scrollsaw entry holes in several boxes of toys. 

Ed, Rollie, and Darwin cut critters and windows on the scrollsaws.

Jerry Hood finished cutting over 200 racers for the Club for Boys pinewood derby.

Lon cut and boxed all the blanks that were traced today.

Gary Graves brought in a prototype of the new smaller helicopter toy.