Saturday, April 8, 2017

Toymaking Workshop 4-8-2017

A toy workshop was held on the Second Saturday in April 2017 at the shop at the CLUB FOR BOYS.  This time the weather was much warmer, as we started the day with the Rapid City Woodworkers Association Toy Program, allowing us to use routers and sanders outside.

Attendees (22):  Al Oines, Ed Pike, Danny and Mary Green, Rollie Lynde, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Lon Gose, Darwin Buus, Rick Weisbeck, Jerry Norsen, Richard Rasmussen, Ken Maron, Kevin Gregg, Harley Schmadeke, Ron Fisher, Frank DiCesare, Jerry Hood, Julian Wigen, Don Roberts, Gary Graves, and Ralph Brethauer.

General Activities:
  • Install wheels
  • Drill axle holes, windows, eyes
  • Trace
  • Signs for Woodworking Show
  • Sand after seal
  • Router roundovers on toys
  • Router mini roundovers on critters
  • Sand first time with Rigid sander
  • Scroll-saw windows/shapes
  • Pack and inventory completed toys
  • Cut traced toys and box up
Detailed Activities:

Sanded (after sealed):  Cartoon trucks, power wagons, farm trucks, maintenance vans, Scion cars, love bugs and small cars – made by Ken Moran, were sealed prior to the Workshop, sanded today and are now ready for final spray.   Batman cars (35) ready to be sealed.  Love Bugs (20) – cut and ready for axle holes and sealer and finish - to use for WW show.

Rick and Bob brought in donated Redwood for tracing.  Julian and Richard traced 50 buses on 2x6 redwood.

Items sanded:  Helicopters (wheeled and comic) - 50, now ready to be sealed. Group of 113 toys sealed and sanded, and now ready for final spray.

Parts made by Rick: Helicopter rotors - 120 - need light sanding and final spray

Signs for WW show - menu board style.  Jerry and Al assembled six, with only the sign molding yet to be attached.  

VW Buses and family racers - 5 each - ready to be sealed.

Box of critters – side sanded and now ready for inventory.  Includes cats, ducks, chickens, rabbits, turtles, and big ducks.

Box of items for critter bags, routered, sanded and ready for inventory:  small cars (5 Favs), cats, and dogs

Ken and Kevin drilled axle holes and scrollsaw entry holes in several boxes of toys.  

Outside activities:  Ed, Darwin cut critters and windows on the scrollsaws.  Ron routered edges of toys with the router, and Rollie sanded toys on the Rigid sander.  Jerry N sanded critters sides.  Rick routered the critters with the small trim router.  

A box of small oldies (52) need windows trim routered, and sanding to cleanup edges, then are ready for sealer.

Lon cut and boxed blank buses that were traced today.

Frank brought in three cradles to be sprayed for the WW Show.