Saturday, March 11, 2017

Toy Workshop 3-11-2017

A toy workshop was held on the second Saturday in March at the shop at the CLUB FOR BOYS.
Once again the weather was cool as we started the day with the Rapid City Woodworkers Association Toy Program.

Attendees (21):  Al Oines, Ed Pike, Danny and Mary Green, Rollie Lynde, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Lon Gose, Julian Wigen, Paul Douglas, Grant Coffin, Darwin and Lauree Buus, Rick Weisbeck, Steve Larson, Jerry Norsen, Paul Douglas, Richard Rasmussen, Mary Jo Anderson, Ken Maron, Don Roberts, and Kevin Gregg.

Thank you note from the CLUB FOR BOYS to Lon Gose for building their new cubbies cabinets.


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