Saturday, November 21, 2009

Toy Workshop Nov 21, 2009

The toymakers in the Rapid City Woodworkers Association Toy Program held another Toy Workshop this morning Saturday Nov 21, 2009 at the RCWA Shop at 910 Wood Ave in the basement of the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Rapid City, SD.

Today we were preparing the parts for the Basketball Games. The basic parts of the game have been prepared over the past few weeks. Today we drilled holes in the backboards and hoops to attach the hoops to the backboards. String holes were drilled in the base to attach the string assemblies prepared last Tuesday evening. Launcher holes were drilled in the base to attach the launchers which were prepared over the last two weeks.

Bases stack up with string holes, launcher holes and post holes. Grant drilled holes in the bases.

Hoops were pre-drilled to prepare for assembling the hoops to the backboards.

Launchers with slots for Wendy's spoons were pre-drilled to prepare for assembling launcher to bases.

Lon pre-drilled post holes in the backboards a few weeks ago.

Kathie and Willis sanded the launchers to be ready to attach to the bases next week.

Rick drilled string holes in the bases for gluing the string assemblies with the 1 inch wooden balls.

Harley set up a jig and drilled the holes in the backboard and hoops.

Jigs were built in 2008 to repeat the operations of drilling holes for attaching the hoops to the backboard (LEFT PHOTO), and for attaching the launcher to the base (RIGHT PHOTO).

Grant turned bowls (small) and Bob attached them to Shaker Pegs to make a cup and ball game.

We have now finished enough parts to complete 120 basketball games. Next week we will begin assembling the basketball games, using a FINAL ASSEMBLY Jig, some Titebond glue, and a pneumatic nailer. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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