Saturday, November 28, 2009

Toymaking Workshop - Nov 28, 2009

In preparation for this weekend's toy workshop, all animal cutouts were checked over for the last time, any squawks found were corrected, they were sanded for the last time, eyes painted on turtles and rocking horses, and all animals sorted and counted. On Saturday morning, Nov. 28th, 2009, the animals were packed into cotton bags, four to a bag in preparation for toy distribution on Dec 5th. At the end of the morning, over 100 bags were completed and ready for kids.

Today's workshop was the last workshop for 2009 - the end of the year-long toy making efforts by the toymakers of the Rapid City Woodworkers Association. The goal for today was to complete the basketball games for the toy distribution to happen next Saturday, Dec 5th, 2009. Our local WENDY's generously donated a case of spoons to be used as basketball launchers, and all the parts were completed before this workshop. We started the day with a team of two working to assemble the hoops to the backboards, another team assembling the launcher pads to the bases, and a third team working with the final assembly jigs. The setup included two nail guns, one for the 5/8 inch nails for the backboard to post, and one for the 1 " nails for the base to post. As parts rolled off the end of the line, a new team was formed to install the string/ball assembly to the completed game assembly. At the end of the afternoon, we had completed 96 basketball games. With only a few minor technical problems, the event was a major success!

Weather permitting next week, we will put a finish coat of laquer on the basketball games, in time for toy distribution on Saturday morning, Dec 5th, 2009.

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